I am Adam. This is my website.

I'm a web developer, programmer, analyst, scientist and musician.
I have a MPhys from the University of Oxford.
I like beautiful programming languages, free software, and weird guitar tunings.

What I work with » Specific examples » Tools for guitarists » Game of Life »

If you'd like to discuss a potential project, ask me a question, or play regex golf - feel free to email me at adam@appsynergy.net.

This website is supposed to be a kind of multi-tool showcase. The server-side was built using Laravel. I also used Bootstrap and Sass/Compass for styles, Git for version control, and this Creole parser for the article content. It was developed on an Apache LAMP stack on Ubuntu Raring Ringtail. I wrote it all in Komodo Edit. I drank approximately 93 cups of coffee. Have a look here if you want to find out more about these web development tools.